Building the true next generation engine technology stack

Our mission at Legion Labs is to harness the power of the cloud and make it available to all content creators to build the next generation real-time interactive experiences.

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Our Vision

Cloud Native Mindset

Cloud gaming is already commoditizing access to low latency compute on the edge. Legion Labs takes a full advantage of streaming and the cloud to bring a powerful yet accessible toolset that is available on every device without an operational burden. Furthermore, our investments allow us to bring game changing experiences to cloud gaming by taking full advantage of the underlying infra.

Collaboration on steroids

In game making, iteration speed is king, either locally or collaboratively, Legion Labs focusses on a live creation pipeline. Our cloud native approach enables a new class of collaborative and real-time editing that is heart to our data management solution. Legion Labs will allow content creators to seamlessly and quickly iterate with anyone across any device to bring the best ideas to life.

10x Acceleration

Legion Labs' technology will enable creators to develop groundbreaking game experiences while significantly reducing the cost of development. Building and maintaining local infra, managing data, distributing changes and updates, and lengthy iteration times are some of today’s biggest sunk cost of game development. With the power of the cloud and the full Legion Labs' production pipeline, game teams will focus on what truly counts: finding the fun!

Looking to contribute to the next generation cloud native engine technology stack?