Announcing Legion Labs

Announcing Legion Labs
By Francois Pelland / on 10 Jun, 2021

Today, I am excited and proud to announce Legion Labs, a company dedicated to building the next generation engine technology stack.

Our mission is to create the game engine of the future by harnessing the cloud’s power and making it available to all content creators to build the true next generation real-time interactive experience. Over the past decade, we have seen infrastructure investments by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in cloud computing. Additionally, with the widespread availability of high bandwidth and low latency networks, we believe that the future of an efficient, accessible, and collaborative game creation pipeline is in the cloud.

I am also thrilled to announce that we have raised a seed round in partnership with Tencent to help us kickstart and accelerate our vision.

For many years, with my business partner and co-founder of Legion Labs, Jalal El Mansouri, we have helped great teams create games at Ubisoft, EA, and Google. We have always concerned ourselves with decreasing iteration time, increasing collaboration, and removing technical bottlenecks while fostering innovation. Both Jalal and I believe in giving access to an always live and iteration focussed editor, a scalable cloud-based data management solution and a real-time collaborative production pipeline in order to significantly improve the quality of games and the game development team’s happiness. Legion Labs is born from this extremely ambitious and passionate vision.

The Future is for Uncompromised Collaboration and Fast Iteration

We believe a collaborative development culture that fosters creativity is based on trust, openness and transparency. Therefore, we are convinced an efficient and futuristic development toolset needs to be conceived on those fundamentals. A game engine and editor are communal places where everyone needs to feel safe: safe to share, safe to iterate fast and combine united ideas, wherever they are in the world and on the screen of their choice. Such a toolset will significantly help enhance projects’ positive results, reduce production risks and lower cost in the long run. But most importantly, it will contribute to the development team’s quality of life.

Legion, Assemble!

To offer a true collaborative game toolset to developers, we are also betting on a truly open, positive and confident development community. At Legion Labs, we are convinced Open-Source development helps build better, faster and more innovative software. That’s why a portion of the Legion Engine will be Open-Source right from the start. Game developers, programmers, producers, artists and designers: Assemble to build the game engine of the future!

The Hollywood of Video Games

Over the past two decades, Montreal has developed a worldwide reputation for creating innovative and blockbuster game experiences. The city has also grown an expertise in developing game technologies. In-house game engines have powered many of the biggest and greatest games created in Montreal . The local knowledge and passion for game tech are massive and rich. At Legion Labs, we want to unite the game tech passionate, the dreamers and the risk-takers: the ones who will build the game tech stack of the future.

It’s time for a full-throated and bold investment in a truly collaborative and cloud-native game engine to build the true next generation of games.

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